Welcome to Howards Jewelers Brussels, an exclusive jewelry store located in the heart of Brussels, Belgium. We are proud to feature a wide range of exceptional jewelry brands, including the renowned Italian designer Marco Bicego.

Marco Bicego has been creating exquisite jewelry pieces for over 20 years, and his designs are inspired by the beauty of the natural world. Each piece is crafted using traditional techniques and the finest materials, such as 18-carat gold, diamonds, and colored gemstones, resulting in jewelry that is both luxurious and wearable.

Marco Bicego has always attached the greatest importance to the craftsmanship of his designs, using highly qualified and experienced craftsmen.

By his own accord, all the collections are made in Italy in the very heart of the company. The workshop in Trissino, in the province of Vicenza, is where all these small goldsmithing masterpieces are created using 18-carat gold. They are combined with carefully selected stones boasting exclusive cuts to accentuate their beauty. The workmanship is all done by hand, respecting the traditional goldsmithing techniques to create the engraving and coil finishes, which is why each piece of jewelry is uniquely one-of-a-kind.

Marco Bicego made his debut as a designer in the year 2000 with Marrakech, which remains one of the brand's most distinctive and iconic collections.

Sculptural, organic and irresistibly sensual jewelry: the 18-carat yellow gold surfaces that distinguish the Marco Bicego brand are exquisitely hand-engraved using the ancient Florentine “millerighe” burin technique, creating a silky finish
reminiscent of textile textures.

Versatile jewelry that adds a touch of colour to every outfit: Marco Bicego's declaration of love for the infinite colour shades of natural gemstones combined with 18 carat yellow gold.

Nature, with its organic forms, and colourful gemstones have always been a great source of inspiration for the designer. His creations aim to enhance the extraordinary beauty of natural stones, accentuating every shade of colour and highlighting their colour and clarity in every facet of the cut.

The stones are chosen and combined for intensity and purity, enhancing each other in an endless interplay of contrasts, interspersed with small, hand-engraved gold elements for a result that is endlessly unique and suitable for every outfit and occasion.

At Howards Jewelers Brussels, we offer a carefully curated selection of Marco Bicego's stunning jewelry collections, including the iconic Africa, Lunaria,Paradise, Marrakech Onde and Jaipur collections. Each piece is unique and features intricate detailing, making it a true work of art.

Whether you're looking for a statement necklace, a pair of elegant earrings, or a chic bracelet, Marco Bicego has something to offer. His jewelry pieces are perfect for both everyday wear and special occasions, and make the perfect gift for a loved one or a special treat for yourself.

At Howards Jewelers Brussels, we are dedicated to providing our customers with exceptional service and ensuring that each and every purchase is a memorable experience. We invite you to visit our store and explore our collection of Marco Bicego jewelry, and discover the true beauty of Italian luxury.