About Howards Jewellers

Howards Jewellers, a true Belgian treasure

Howards Jewellers is a true Belgium treasure with over 50 years of tradition in the world of fine jewellery. Renowned for combining timeless craftsmanship with superior quality and contemporary design, we have produced and present exquisite fine jewellery brands from different countries, watches, and the unique lifestyle jewellery.

It’s a story that began in 1977, when Howard Gutter opened his first shop in Bilzen. His mission was to create the most beautiful selection of fine jewellery for Belgium society.

Over the immediate years that followed this would see the company expand and become synonymous with excellence, craftsmanship and all things truly luxury. 

Howards Jewelers is well known for the implacable quality is a result of exceptional  attention to the details, and the use of premium materials. Each piece is carefully crafted and designed to showcase its beauty and durability. Our jewellery is a timeless investment that can be passed down for generations.